Building and Sign Permits

It is the policy of the City of Gunnison Building Department that building permits may only be issued on parcels deemed by the Fire Marshal, Building Official and Community Development Director to have adequate emergency vehicular access, and are served by a central water system capable of providing adequate fire flow, as prescribed by the International Fire Code. This administrative policy does not imply a guarantee for issuance of Certificates of Occupancy (CO). Building occupancy will not be granted until all City utilities (water, sewer and electrical) are in place and functional.

Do I need a Building Permit?

The Building Official processes the following types of permits:

How are Building Permit fees calculated?
How are water and sewer tap fees calculated?
Use Tax Reimbursement

For demolition projects, a State Demolition Permit is required.

The Building Official also processes sign permits.

A sign permit is required for all signs erected within the city. Any sign placed within the public right-of-way is subject to a License Agreement.. The Sign Standards may be found in Section 4.8 of the Land Development Code.