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The City of Gunnison is proud to announce the "Gunny Gold" Compost Outreach Initiative. This collaborative effort by Danielle du Plooy and Dannah Leeman, WCU Masters of Environmental Management students, outlines the process of creating Gunny Gold Compost and the chemical and nutrient analysis. 

The Tree Dump has closed for the season.  Please refer to the Tree Dump page for more information. 

The City of Gunnison's Public Works Department is made up of several divisions that work together to provide utility services to the citizens of Gunnison. The department is responsible for supplying safe and reliable electric service; delivering a clean and safe water supply; safely treating wastewater; maintaining dependable sanitary and storm sewers; providing refuse and recycle service; keeping the streets safe and clear for passage, and servicing the city's fleet of vehicles and machinery. 


The Public Works Department is located at 1100 W. Virginia Ave and consists of the following divisions:

Electric – The Electric Department oversees two electric substations and approximately 50 miles of overhead and underground electric lines. The City of Gunnison electric system serves approximately 4262 electric customers.

Water & Sewer – The Sewer & Water Department is responsible for supplying fresh water to the City of Gunnison customers, wastewater collection and the City irrigation ditch. The City water and sewer system consist of approximately 34 miles of water lines, 30 miles of sewer lines, 3 water storage tanks that hold over 2 million gallons of water, 9 water wells and 25 miles of irrigation ditch. 

Wastewater Collection – The Wastewater Treatment Plant is located off of McCabe's Lane. Click here for directions. The phone number for the plant is 641-8040. Call for information about drinking water testing. The plant has the capacity to treat wastewater for about 17,000 people.

Refuse and Recycling – The Refuse and Recycling Department is responsible for refuse and recycling collection within the City limits.

Streets & Alleys – The Streets & Alleys Department is responsible for maintaining approximately 35 centerline miles of City streets and 24 miles of alleys, including plowing, signage, street trees, sidewalks. This department also maintains the trails though the Van Tuyl Ranch and Ridges to Rivers Project.

Fleet Department – The Fleet Department maintains the entire fleet of City vehicles, approximately 192 vehicles and various pieces of equipment.

You can now TEXT the City of Gunnison!   Skip a phone call and text us to find answers to your questions.  Text "hi" to 970-642-3347 and follow the prompts.  

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Please call Dispatch at 970-641-8200 to report any urgent after-hour requests. 

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