Building Board of Appeals:
Jerry Greene
Chris Klein
Jerry Kowal
Jody Reeser
Matt Ventura 

City Council
Mayor - Richard Hagen
Mayor Pro Tem - Robert Drexel
Councilor - Leia Morrison
Councilor - Matt Schwartz
Councilor - Andy Sovick

Challenge Grant Committee:
Ben Cowan - Finance Director
Andie Ruggera - City Planner
Steve Westbay - CD Director
Michelle Spain - Planning Technician
Erin Carlson
Eric Freson - Chamber Director
Shirley Corn

City Group Health Plan Trustees:
Russ Forrest - City Manager
Melissa McLeod - Clerk's Office
Andie Ruggera - Community Development
Faith Saltmarsh - Parks and Recreation
Trish White - Parks and Recreation
Lisa Starkebaum - Public Works
Leia Morrison - City Council
Ben Cowan - Finance Director
Tammy Shelfao - HR Coordinator
Keith Robinson - Police Chief

Election Commission:
Susan Crawford
Kathleen Kinkema
Sharon Cave
Gail Davidson - City Clerk 

Firemen's Pension Board:
Dennis Spritzer - Board Chairman
Steve Williams - Fire District Board
Shane Rider - Firefighter
Ernie Young - FIrefighter 
Mark Selkee - Fire District
Bob Drexel - City Council
Andy Saovick - City Council
Ben Cowan- Finance Director

Gunnison Valley Land Preservation Board:
Sonja Chavez de Baca
Kendall Burgemeister

Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority Board of Directors:
Karl Fulmer, Director/Coordinator Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority
Kelly McKinnis - President - Gunnison County
Paula Swenson - Treasurer - Gunnison County 
Richard Hagan - City Council
Ellen Harriman - City of Gunnison
Skip Berkshire - Town of Crested Butte
Margot Levy - Town of Crested Butte
John Sale, Town of Mt Crested Butte

Planning and Zoning Commission

Greg Larson - Chair
Bob Beda - Vice Chair
Erich Ferchau
Theresa Hancek
Erik Niemeyer
Andy Tocke
Matt Schwartz- City Council

 Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals

Scott Frazier - Chair
Ellen Harriman - Vice Chair
Marla Larson
Sharon Cave