VanTuyl Ranch Trail Construction and River Work

Possible Trail Closures during Construction at the VanTuyl Ranch

During the upcoming weeks, a substantial amount of construction activity will occur in and around the VanTuyl Ranch. Work includes construction of a new fishing access trail and a major river habitat improvement project.  The initial intent is to keep trails open to public use, but periodic trail access closures may be required to maintain public safety.

The fishing access trail, which originates at Char-Mar Park will be extended to the Gunnison River.  The trail will include segments of gravel surface trail connecting with three boardwalks bridging existing wetlands. Movement of equipment and materials will require the use of existing trails, but the intent is to allow public use of existing trails during the construction period, beginning in mid-September and continuing through November 2017.VanTuyl Boardwalk Alignment Photo 1

 The Gunnison River and Riparian Habitat Restoration project, which is being implemented in partnership with the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife, the Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District, the Gunnison Angling Society and other stakeholders, will entail a significant amount of construction activity along the northern fringe of the VanTuyl Ranch.  New irrigation diversion structures, bank stabilization and in-channel fish habitat features will be constructed this fall.  Work will begin in late September and likely continue into December 2017.  The trail system above the Ranch Headquarters driveway will be used for construction access to the river.90DegBendWilsonCreek

 Please check for posted information that will placed at entrances and along the trails. Contractors are instructed to yield to trail users, but caution by the public is requested.  The City appreciates your cooperation while this construction activity occurs.  You may contact Steve Westbay (City of Gunnison Community Development) for additional information regarding these projects.

 Phone: 970-641-8152

VanTuyl Ranch Construction Activity